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Oil and Hydrocarbon Extraction

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The Congo is the fourth largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa. 90% of exports and 75% of budgetary revenue come from this sector. The current difficulties inherent in the fall in the price of a barrel of oil justify the strategic directions being implemented, aimed at intensifying economic diversification so as to significantly increase non-oil growth. Consequently, the petroleum sector would serve to consolidate and perpetuate overall economic growth by raising it to a level compatible with the objectives of the targeted economic emergence.
The Congo has significant reserves of crude oil, but more modest in gas. At the current production rate, such potential would allow at least 20 years of operation and related activities. The Congo is also relatively competitive in terms of exploration and exploitation costs, which may further improve with efforts to reform the sector and major investments in rationalizing capacities and production methods. In addition, there are encouraging prospects for future discoveries given the scale of exploration investment and the favorable natural conditions in the country.

Oil production in 2015: 241,000 barrels / day; 2016 forecast: 284,931 barrels / day
Gas reserves: 130 billion m3
Total oil reserves (all categories) = 8.25 billion barrels
Reserves recovered at the end of 2010 = 2.225 billion barrels
2010 remaining reserves (all categories) = 6 billion

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