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Cabinet du Ministère du Commerce

The ministry of trade and supply shall comprise:

  • The cabinet;
  • The structures attached to the cabinet;
  • The Inspectorate General;
  • The directorates general;
  • The agencies under supervision.

Chapter 1: The Cabinet

Article 2: Placed under the authority of a director, the cabinet is the organ for conception, coordination, animation and control which assists the Minister in his duties.

It shall be in charge of settling, on behalf of the Minister and by delegation, political, administrative and technical matters falling within the Ministry's competence.

The composition of the cabinet and the procedures for appointing its members shall be defined by the regulations in force.

Chapter 2: Directorates attached to the cabinet

Article 3: The directorates attached to the cabinet shall be:

  • The Directorate of Studies and Planning;
  • The directorate of trade communication;
  • The directorate of cooperation.

Section 1: The Directorate of Studies and Planning

Article 4: The Directorate of Studies and Planning shall be governed by specific texts

Section 2: The Directorate of Trade Communication

Article 5: The directorate of trade communication shall be managed and run by a director.

It shall have the responsibility to:

  • Popularize the State's policy on trade and supplies;
  • Design information campaign plans;
  • Ensure the good image of the Ministry;
  • Carry out public opinion polls;
  • Ensure communication between the Ministry and the public;
  • To publish the mercurial of prices of basic necessities and goods of wide consumption;
  • Inform consumers and popularize their rights.

Article 6: The Directorate of trade communication shall comprise:

  • The service for relations for relations with consumers;
  • The service for popularization of trade information.

Section 3: The Directorate of Cooperation

Article 7: The Directorate of Cooperation shall be managed and run by a Director.

It shall have the responsibility to:

  • Define the Ministry's cooperation strategy in the bilateral domain;
  • Participate, in collaboration with the administrations and organizations placed under supervision, in the search for partners in bilateral cooperation;
  • Prepare and participate in joint commissions;
  • Participate in the elaboration and ensure the application of cooperation agreements and conventions of the Ministry.

Article 8: The Directorate of Cooperation shall comprise:

  • The service of the joint committees;
  • The service of bilateral agreements and conventions.

Chapter 3: The Inspectorate General

Article 9: The Inspectorate General, known as the Inspectorate General of Services, shall be governed by specific texts.

Chapter 4: Directorates-General

Article 10: The Directorates-General, governed by specific texts, are:

  • The Directorate-General for Internal Trade;
  • The Directorate-General for Foreign Trade;
  • The Directorate-General for Competition and Fraud Prevention.

Chapter 5: Organs under supervision

Article 11: The Organs under supervision, governed by specific texts, are:

  • The Congolese Centre for Foreign Trade:
  • The chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture and handicraft.


Article 12: The duties and organization of the services and offices to be established, as necessary, shall be determined by ministerial order.

Article 13: Each central directorate shall have a secretariat managed and run by a secretary with rank of chief of service.

Article 14: This decree, which repeals all previous contrary provisions, shall be registered and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Congo.